1. I love writing lists.
  2. I love sharing lists more than I love writing lists.
  3. This is why I created listogether.
  4. I have mixed feelings about sharing my private contact information.
  5. This is why listogether will never ask you for any private contact information.
  6. To create a new List click the New List button.
  7. Creating a List will generate a random string (that's the hash) which will uniquely identify your list.
  8. The List's name will initially be set to that hash value.
  9. To retrieve a List, use the hash in the Find List Form on this page.

Once you're in a list...

  1. Add items to a list by writing some text on the text box and pressing Enter(or return) on your keyboard.
  2. Create a New Linked List by clicking the New Linked List link.
  3. You can navigate between any two Linked Lists by using the Go to... menu.
  4. To change a List's name, use the Action... menu's rename option.
  5. The rename option inserts some text into the text box that you can use to rename the list.
  6. This new name will appear on the page's title and on it's Linked Lists Go to... menu.
  7. To Link an existing List to the current List, use the Action... menu's link option.
  8. The link option inserts some text into the text box that you can use to link the current list to another list. Just write (preferrebly, paste) the list-to-be-linked's hash into the text box.